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Grosstechnics LLC

Grapples with cast jaws are designed to work with metallurgical blades of a slag. The uniqueness of this grab is a one-piece jaw made of specially steel grade, selected for long-term operation, with a wear-resistant droplet material for extended service life.

The grabs are controlled by 25 ton cranes. The weight of the grab is 9975 kg, while it is capable of moving 2.5 tons of useful bulk cargo in one grip, which, taking into account the specific density of the material, is 10 tons of bulk weight. The rods are made in the form of a solid circle, which, in turn, for some types of loose and larger reinforcement can be made by forging. Blocks with increased requirements for the material, as well as high-tech hardening of the flange with high-frequency currents, ensure long-term operation even in conditions of contact with the abrasive material of the rope, guaranteeing safe operation and high productivity of the crane industry.