Kremenchuk Steel Works Stockholding Company is the leading enterprise of contemporary casting production of Ukraine in respect of manufacture of steel casting for freight cars and heavy-duty lorries, as well as one-off steel and cast iron casting under drawings of customers

Specialists of the works have developed the modern technology of manufacture of cast- ings from low-alloy steels and thanks to that the enterprise makes the products of high quality, The availability of universal system of production preparation allows to master the new types of products and to perform the various orders for casting within the shortest terms

The enterprise occupies 48.98 ha area and consists of five main buildings of more than 123 thousand m² area, in which there are placed the main production shops: steel melting shop moulding shop, metallurgical equipment shop, road-transporn shop, railway shop, repair-mechanical shop, power supply shop, oxygen-compressing shop, casting finishing shop.

The castings are produced on three automatic moulding lines of German firm «Künkel-Wagner», which are in the moulding casting shop. Quick-changeable floating equipment of these lines allows to replace the patterns in automatic regime. The application of one of the most progressive methods of squeezing the green sand moulds on the lines allows to receive the castings with minimum tolerances of main dimensions and high quality of cast surface meeting the highest requirements.

For steel melting there is applied the electric-arc method with the use of DSP-25 furnaces, what allows to receive the steel clean from harmful and non-metallic inclusions. Achievement of strength properties of metal is ensured by heat treatment in continuous thermal furnaces.

Large scale casting is machined according to drawings. Castings are machined using special high-performance machines with CNC equipped with special tooling. Castings being machined meet requirements of drawings and normative documentation.